Thursday, April 21, 2005


Minutemen Face Opposition

The Immigrants’ Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union today announced that it has sent two national staff members to Arizona to support the Legal Observer Project organized by the ACLU of Arizona.

Since April 1, armed private individuals under the so-called "Minuteman project" have come to Arizona for the purported purpose of spotting and reporting individuals who the Minutemen claim are violating federal immigration law.
What is up with the language here? so-called? purported purpose? who the Minutemen claim are violating immigration law?

Are we missing something here at the Waterkooler? So, let me get this right. The ACLU will attack Sean Hannity for stepping across the border illegally, and then turn right around and with their very next breath, suggest that what thousands of illegals are doing every day is somehow NOT illegal?

ACLU, Illegals' Strategy: Let's Sue

Angered by the actions of "Minutemen" civilian border guards, some U.S. citizens of Mexican descent are crossing from Mexico into southern Arizona in the hopes of being "detained" by the vigilantes so they can then sue them for violating their civil rights.
Civil Rights? Even if you are a US citizen, you still cannot just decide to cross the border willy nilly anywhere you like. It is still illegal, as Sean Hannity found out when the ACLU took pictures of him stepping over the border in hopes that the border patrol would lock him up. Hey, ACLU, where were your cameras when thousands of illegals came storming across the border last night?

Also, we at the Waterkooler would like to send a note to civil rights groups and illegal invaders to this country: the word "civil" is defined in terms of citizenship. Therefore, no citizenship, no civil rights. Period.

DEFINITION OF CIVIL RIGHTS: The protections and privileges of personal liberty given to all US citizens by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
So how then does the ACLU explain this:

The Immigrants' Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation was established in 1987 to expand and enforce the civil rights and civil liberties of non-citizens.
Maybe these pictures of 2 ACLU members smoking pot while monitoring the Minutemen will help explain things.

All of this begs the question, is the ACLU aiding illegal entry into US?

Some Support for the "so-called Minutemen"

WASHINGTON - A Republican senator said yesterday the government should consider deputizing private citizens, like the Minuteman Patrol in Arizona, to help secure U.S. borders.

Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., said the U.S. Border Patrol also should look to local law enforcement and state officials for help along the most porous parts of the U.S.-Mexico line.

Thank you, Senator. Also supporting the Minutemen: THE ACTUAL BORDER PATROL, who claims they have had no complaints about abuses from the Minutemen.

"We want to make it clear – because we've had a lot of questions about this – we have not had one single complaint from a rank-and-file agent in this sector about the Minutemen," says a statement on the site. "Every report we've received indicates these people are very supportive of the rank-and-file agents; they're courteous. Many of them are retired firefighters, cops, and other professionals, and they're not causing us any problems whatsoever."

The group blames the ACLU for setting off ground sensors in the area of the Minutemen activities:

"Reports of [Minutemen] causing 'ground sensors' to go off are exaggerated because most of those are being set off by the ACLU sneaking around trying to find the Minutemen doing something wrong."
So, to sum up, you have the Minutemen who are out there doing their part to help secure our border from illegals (with the hearty appreciation of the Border Patrol), and the ACLU sends "monitors" who aid and abet criminals, commit assult, and smoke pot to watch the Minutemen to make sure they aren't doing anything wrong. Typical.


An Indiana man who detained a number of illegal immigrants on his own in Arizona could face at least 20 years in prison.

Border Agents Support Minutemen

Estimates suggest the number of illegals in this country could be more than 20 million with approximately 10,000 illegals coming across the border daily.

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